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Story by SPC Marquetta Gibson
Adapting to a new culture and lifestyle can be challenging. SPC Marquetta Gibson shows us one community that honors the sacrifices made by some of its youngest members.
Story by SGT Jason Jones
It’s no secret about the harmful effects tobacco can have on your health. SGT Jason Jones shows us how teens in the Vicenza community fight this ongoing battle.
Story by Cpl Tony Nardiello
Pilots have a lot of responsibility but thankfully they have help. Corporal Tony Nardiello shows us a critical part of a pilot’s support system.
Story by Petty Officer Michael Lantron
Squad leaders in the Marine Corps hold a great deal of responsibility when it comes to training, tactics, logistics, and leadership. Petty Officer Michael Lantron introduces us to one Marine who encompasses just that.
Story by A1C Katie Leonhard
We all have our own story. We all have our own reasons why we signed that dotted line and raised our right hand, swearing to defend our country. Many times we forget there’s a person in that uniform beside us every day. A1C Katie Leonhard recently met one outstanding Airman who told us a little bit about his philosophy regarding life in the Air Force.
Story by SrA Emma Mayen
Whether you’re a dorm resident or living off base; finding things to do while being stationed overseas isn’t difficult. SrA Emma Mayen shows us one woman hoping to gain experiences that will last a life time.
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Rapid response
What if you could play pro for a day?
Real life M*A*S*H
Taking a stand
Raise your awareness
Leading the way
Assuring allies
Service members get belay certification at NAS
Building relationships
Taking off the blindfold
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