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AFN recently made necessary changes to their satellite service. If you are experiencing a problem viewing a channel on your satellite decoder, tune your decoder to channel 1 and leave for one minute before tuning it back to the previous channel. If this does not clear the issue, power cycle your decoder. If the issue persists, please call the AFN Technologist for assistance at DSN 312-348-1339 or US civilian 951-413-2339. The AFN Broadcast Center is staffed around the clock to help.

In some instances, it's up to the customer to report their outage situation to the local cable company. Satellite decoder owners or renters should contact AAFES or a qualified expert for repair information.

Customers in Germany receiving both AFN programming and TKS commercial services via cable on post should call or e-mail TKS Cable Service direct for assistance. The telephone number is 0631-3522-499 and/or e-mail

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