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Story by SGT Vincent Pedican
Under the care of an angel. SGT Vincent Pedican takes us to Belgium for one lady's heroic acts during World War II.
Story by SSG Donald Martin
The Red Cross at Caserma Ederle kicked off Emergency Preparedness month by hosting some special training. SSG Donald Martin shows us what the Soldiers and family members learned.
Story by SGT Vincent Pedican
A once popular logistics hub transfers ownership. SGT Vincent Pedican gives us the low-down on what's happening at Camp Phoenix.
Story by SGT Christopher Toby
From primary care to a fully operational trauma center. SGT Christopher Toby takes us to the Helmand Province of Afghanistan for the details.
Story by Gail McCabe
The top military leadership of several European nations paid a visit to NATO Exercise Noble Ledger in Norway. BG John Hort, Chief of Operations at U.S. Army Europe discusses how the American connection to NATO stays strong in spite of a reduced footprint in Europe.
Story by TSgt Burt Traynor
The Department of Defense sends ambassadors in all forms to serve as representatives of the United States around the world. Technical Sergeant Burt Traynor joins the crowd at the Africa Aerospace and Defense Expo in South Africa where those liaisons are creating quite a draw.
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KMCC customers gatherr for a celebration
Synchronizing logistics for flight
Symbols that honor the memory
Music the universal connection
Jazzing things up through music
A good offense is a great defense
Strengthening what already exists
Leadership from within
From ADH2 to broadcaster
The road to Chief
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