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Story by AFN Benelux
A fit of jealous created this particular haunted area near Leuven, Belgium.
Story by AFN Benelux
In this scary tale AFN Benelux explores one of the bloodiest battles of World War I.
Story by AFN Benelux
Halloween is the time of year when being scared is a good thing. Kimberly Stahl shows us one of the spookiest places in Belgium.
Story by A1C Katherine Leonhard
Isaac Newton said, what goes up must come down, but it may not have followed an adrenaline rush. Let's catch up with some Airmen who show us how they make a splash!
Story by SSgt Michael Wykes
From zombies to werewolves, Halloween conjures up all types of ghouls. SSgt Michael Wykes tells us how one squadron brings them all together for your scaring pleasure.
Story by AFN Benelux
Unrest in the Middle East has reached the doorstep of a NATO partner county. NATO TV’s Ruth Owen shows us how the fighting along Turkey’s border is cause for concern among the partner nations.
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Celebration for being drug free
Increasing awareness through community involvement
Safety through mentorship
A leap in rank
Caring for fellow Soldiers
New techniques for battle
Making your favorite brew
Students discover higher education opportunities
All aboard for new adventures
Diamonds may be one of this Sailor's best friends
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