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Story by Gail McCabe
The state department has the primary responsibility for securing embassies and US personal in Africa. But US Africa command has a plan for when the state department needs help with security. Gail McCabe talked with the AFRICOM commander and found out there are locations already designated on the continent where personnel can move to in order to respond with needed support more quickly.
Story by SSgt Ashley Corkins
It takes more than a toolbox. SSgt Ashley Corkins shows you the dirty work of the 354th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron maintenance crew.
Story by Gail McCabe
U.S. Africa Command supported Liberia when the African nation faced the biggest Ebola epidemic in history. A huge challenge in combating the virus was getting out to the remote areas affected by it. AFRICOM provided people for communication and coordination, engineering, and the logistical support to help get to those locations. That enabled medical staff to get to the affected locations much more quickly so they could provide care more quickly. Perhaps the greatest help AFRICOM provided came in the form of training. The command trained more than 1,500 healthcare workers.
Story by PO3 Sean Hillier
Sailors at Sigonella step out of their comfort zone and learn how to ask a very serious question. PO3 Sean Hillier has the story.
Story by PO3 Sean Hillier
Soon to be sailors at Sigonella get to bask in their glory during an awards ceremony for the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps also known as JROTC. PO3 Sean Hillier has the story.
Story by SPC Nathaniel Newkirk
Operation Atlantic Resolve is a joint security cooperation involving five nations to ensure regional stability and demonstrates U.S. commitment to NATO. SPC Nathaniel Newkirk shows how multinational operations also help continued interoperability.
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